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Automation without proper programming essentially becomes the very negative it was meant to solve. Technical languages and pathways must be clear and concise to both equipment and personnel alike in order to achieve complete control and smooth operation of all equipment involved in process. ASEG  uses a uniquely derived Human Machine Interface (HMI) specifically suited to the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) at hand and vice versa, thus instilling efficiency to the very core of your operations. In addition, Safety Controllers can be implemented in order to completely secure the entire process, guaranteeing a true Automation Solution.


A control system without a properly programmed PLC is essentially a body without a brain, resulting in a system that is incapable of doing its core task of controlling your mechanical processes and operations. The consequences of poor programming includes a waste of valuable resources such as time and money while adding on unnecessary stress to you and your company.


At ASEG, our professionals will program your PLC to become the highly-intuitive system it was meant to be, serving your custom processes properly and efficiently, with inputs and outputs working hand-in-hand. Due to the variety of platforms that ASEG excels at, we are able to provide an elevated sense of flexibility and an ease of modification to meet future needs.

Advantages of an efficient PLC Solution

  • Easy to program and install on site.

  • High reliability and minimal maintenance.

  • A cost effective investment in technology.

  • Capability of a complex integration system.

  • Flexibility and variety in operations and applications.

  • Data logging and warning systems.

  • Quick fault identification and troubleshooting.

  • Ease of documenting programs used for future use.

  • Simulation feature to assess performance without engaging operations.


The vital connection between a trained operator and the process or machine at hand is bridged by the HMI which receives feedback from the PLC. This primary tool serves as an operator dashboard, providing an easily-understandable textual or graphical view of your system that displays real-time operational information and conditions. With an ability to monitor process parameters, including but not limited to motor and valve status, tank levels, pressure, and vibration, the advantage of insight into your mechanical performance and progress elevates and enables control and optimization through regulation.


At ASEG, we strive to design and build a cutting-edge system that offers robust monitoring, control, status reporting and many more functions to deliver engineering simplicity, operational flexibility and agility, with state-of-the-art performance. With engineers, technical workers, and maintenance personnel in mind, we ensure a product that establishes a sense of ease and security for the end-user. This results in an HMI software that supports you long-term.

Advantages of an intelligible HMI Solution

  • Increase operator efficiency.

  • Easily maintained and updated.

  • Prevent limitation of hardware supported.

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Secured access using password protection and alarm features.

  • Enable remote capabilities for operation, support, and troubleshooting.

  • Provide historical and trending data on machine efficiency or product quality for improvement.

  • Provide information needed to address situations quickly and accurately before they impact operations.

Safety Controller

ASEG's Safety Controller Solutions will provide an open and integrated control program specifically designed to ensure machine safety and protect your control investments, as well as protect your personnel from accident and injury. Bringing your automated processes to a highly safe state without compromising productivity requires an implementation of basic or complex safety applications to the appropriate safety devices at hand. Applying these safety countermeasures in your equipment and facility results in safe start-stop functions, shut-out detection of mechanical and electrical components, all hazardous areas being monitored for intrusion, and more.

Advantages of a strong Safety Controller Solution

  • Prevent overall system faults.

  • Ability to troubleshoot safety systems.

  • Reduce any possible equipment downtime.

  • Perform reliably in challenging environments.

ASEG excels at creating PLC, HMI, and Safety Controller programs for new machines, as well as modifying and improving existing programs of your current control system for improved process efficiencies. No matter the task at hand, our professionals have the expertise to meet all of your programming needs.

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