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Custom Automated Systems

To greater streamline your business's productivity, a professionally designed and built Control System is needed at the very core of your operations in order to properly manage your automated and industrial machinery. By integrating the appropriate hardware and software suited to meet the critical demands of any task and process at hand, ASEG's skilled engineering personnel will ensure that all industrial systems involved are managed with a means to increase overall efficiency. Sustaining its maximum threshold requires a unique attentiveness to speed, sensitivity, accuracy, and stability, all while eliminating unnecessary materials and noise. Designing your custom Control System with these system attributes in mind results in a translation of lean production throughout all processes.

Automation Solutions

After taking all aspects into account, our engineers will design/integrate various technologies to meet the high demands required by a truly efficient manufacturing process.


Creating dynamic solutions to accomplish any task at hand using the following:



Touch Screens

Remote I/O Systems

Motion Control Products (servos, inverters, and steppers).

Other solutions include but aren't limited to:

Blow Molding

Plastic Extrusions

CNC Metal Bending

High Speed Strapping Systems​

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