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For manufacturing companies, the need to continuously improve efficiency to be "lean" by reducing or eliminating waste in terms of time and materials has never been more important than is it today. For more than 20 years, ASEG engineers have successfully helped numerous manufacturers in the USA, China, and Ireland to make dramatic improvements in the speed and efficiency of production lines.


In a world of increasing global competition, shrinking margins and accelerated time-to-market requirements, the never-ending quest to be "lean" represents new and daunting challenges for companies all around. Add to this the rapidly changing landscape in the global enterprise software industry and it's no wonder manufacturing companies are demanding for more "GMP" innovations, reduced applications complexity, and better visionary leadership.

About ASEG

Automated Systems Engineering Group, Inc. designs, manufactures, and retrofits custom automation solutions for those who are seeking the competitive edge that industrial controls, automation, and robotics provides. As a small and independently owned company established in 1995, we pride ourselves with our industry-leading approach which has developed a significant presence locally in South Florida, throughout the United States, and across international boundaries.


ASEG continues to represent the prominent impact we are capable of producing when tasked with the daunting challenges that our clients face. From small-scale Start-Ups to large-scale Fortune 500, our professionals have serviced a multitude of industries and production companies in order to achieve excellence in all aspects while consistently setting new and higher standards for both our clients as well as ourselves.


ASEG specializes in providing quality consultation on a variety of practices, technologies, and applications that are relative in automation and the manufacturing process. Engineers have complete capability of creating general machinery, robotic cells, and complete production lines specifically suited for any manufacturing environment applied to any industry handling materials relative to plastic, aluminum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, and agricultural.

Our engineers also excel with troubleshooting and diagnostic testing as well as retrofitting outdated and redundant equipment.

With such versatility, our skilled professionals accumulated experience in handling complete capital projects in multiple countries all while representing superior standards, efficiency, and guranteed results.

Our Mission

At ASEG, we are determined to amplify ambition by embracing new technology while providing our clients with automation solutions that upholds a competitive edge through the following:

  • Increasing Efficiency & Productivity

  • Decreasing Production Costs

  • Increasing Product Quality

Keys to Efficiency:

  • Minimize scrap

  • Minimize any liability claims

  • Establish streamlined and user-friendly operations for personnel

  • Eliminate all existing Fire, Electrical, Compressed Air, and Trip Hazards

  • Add safety system applications to protect employees and damage of machinery

The Commitment:

ASEG, Inc. strives to exceed your expectations amongst our own standards. From technology integration and equipment performance to documentation and customer service, our team will remain involved from concept to completion until you are completely satisfied.

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