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Welcome to ASEG, Inc.

Automated Systems Engineering Group, Inc. designs, manufactures, and retrofits custom solutions for those who are seeking the competitive edge that Industrial Controls, Automation, and Robotics provides. As your premier Original Equipment Manufacturer and Systems Integrator, ASEG combines quality, safety, and innovation with top of the line technology and up to date products in order to meet and surpass the demands of your business. No matter the challenge, from basic consultation and quality support to management of large capital projects, our team is experienced and ready to lead every step of the way.

Foundational Expertise


ASEG offers a wide and reliable range of services for Control Systems. Whether you need an initial design and build for a Control Panel, upgrading components and wiring, or complete recommissioning, our technicians will get your machinery up to date and running for years to come. We specialize in PLCs and Safety Controllers with user-friendly HMIs.


As modern innovation continues to exponentially rise, it is evident that keeping up with emerging technologies is vital to being an industry leader in your sector. At ASEG, our goal is to ensure top of the line solutions that prevent your machinery from becoming obsolete with easily upgradable and integrable systems and components. If your business is experiencing technical difficulties or complete shutdown due to running on outdated equipment, allow our team to modernize your standards.

Diagnostics &

No matter how simple or advanced the system is, no matter how basic or complex the problems are, ASEG has the insight needed in order to support your needs with experts who can run proper diagnostics and any required troubleshooting in order to analyze and eliminate your problems, confirm restored operations to a working state, and prevent further failures in the future.


Automation Solutions

Automated Systems Engineering Group prides itself on having the expertise required to elevate the operations of our clients' businesses to superior levels by designing, building, and delivering a complete and custom automated solution suited for all of their demands. ASEG offers a variety of automation systems ranging from basic machinery and standardized production lines to custom, complex systems and robotic workcells that eliminates the possibility of human error, improves overall equipment efficiency, and achieves higher performance so that your operation becomes the new standard in your industry.


From Consumer Goods to Technological Components, Medical Devices to Industrial Products and more, ASEG will engineer an automated solution to guarantee proper and precise assembly of your product in any industry using reliable designs and technologies.


Whether your assembly entails a simple single-step system or a complicated multi-step system, our engineers will utilize any configuration required for your operational goals including but not limited to manual work stations, conveyors, indexers, and robots.


As our modern world becomes more technologically advanced, it is evident that a new invaluable resource has emerged with extreme and utter demand, the semiconductor. With that demand, along with other major factors, supply has drastically decreased and the capability to produce more has become an obvious challenge.

ASEG is working with global companies to produce a Chemical Mechanical Planarization machine of our own to help bolster production. Stay tuned for more info.


At ASEG, our team understands that package quality is essential to the success of your product which is why we offer a variety of unique packaging solutions suited for your industry.


From Pharmaceuticals to Food, Consumer Goods and Cosmetics, your packing systems will be equipped with feeders, conveyors, labelling, marking, loaders, palletizers, and more in order to facilitate the completion of production for your business.


Although basic machinery increases overall production rates, taking your manufacturing capabilities to the next level requires more advanced equipment. With Robotics Cells, every function drastically improves in safety, precision, efficiency, flexibility, complexity, and productivity.


From material handling or assembly, packaging and palletizing, to welding and tool tending and more, ASEG can engineer a single table-mounted arm or an entire robotic production line capable of outperforming your expectations.


As products are transported throughout the production line, it is ASEG's priority to ensure that the quality and integrity of said product remains intact from start to finish.


With experience into various distribution systems regarding product handling, orientation, and disbursement to feeding, laning, and conveying, ASEG will apply the most effective methods of distribution necessary to sustain an efficient process.

Vision Systems

Quality inspection, fault detection, and condition monitoring are all critical aspects to a truly performance-efficient and cost-effective process. By using the latest, best in class machine vision systems and scanning technologies, ASEG can drastically improve these factors and address any issues during production before they become a problem while adding ability to handle tasks such as part location, material handling, high speed picking, and more in order to boost overall function to other segments of operation like assembly and packaging.


No matter the challenge, our team will apply comprehensive tools and solutions to ensure your end-product comes out "to spec" every time.

About Us

About Us

Automated Systems Engineering Group, Inc. is a small and independently owned company who prides itself with its industry-leading approach regarding safety, efficiency, and innovation. We have developed a significant presence locally in Florida, throughout the United States, and across international boundaries. When tasked with the daunting challenges that our clients face, ASEG professionals will diligently work hard in order to achieve excellence in all aspects of the job while consistently setting new and higher standards for our clients as well as ourselves. With experience in servicing a multitude of industries and production companies, our team continues to make a prominent impact on small-scale Start-Ups to large-scale Fortune 500.






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